Having had only had a couple of sessions with Chris I have been able to deal with a lifetime of bad eating habits. The impact of his support was immediate and effective. I am not snacking between meals (or if I am tempted they are healthy foods such as grapes, tangerines etc). I have been able to reduce the size of my meals and eat them much more slowly than I used to, so enjoy each mouthful much more. I feel more in control of my eating habits than I have for the last ten years.
— Jackie Wright - Beverley, East Yorkshire

Chris is an experienced professional both in western therapy methods and eastern spiritual practises. Chris used a Chakra Visualisation technique with me that was his unique invention. It was exciting to observe how Chris finds a tailored solution to every person, being able to resolve any raising issues quickly and efficiently. I recommend him as a coach who is great at what and how he does it.
— Vitaliy Breusenko - London

I would like to provide a personal insight into the work of Chris Davis.
Chris is a highly professional therapist who can easily and effortlessly put you at ease from the word go. It is very important to have someone who can empathise and importantly, listen carefully to their patient. Chris does this with aplomb.
From my own personal perspective, Chris helped me with a number of anxiety and self confidence issues.
From the onset and throughout the duration of our sessions I felt relaxed and totally at ease. I could really feel those deep seated problems melting away like ice! This feeling and the techniques Chris showed me, remain with me today and continue to work and help.
I cannot recommend Chris Davis highly enough. Please be assured that in this world of so called “experts” Chris Davis remains a genuine and perfect personification of the word “professional”.

Thank you Chris for your help.
— Ian Capstick - Lake District