Best Diet for Health and Weight Loss?

As I’m neither a Dietitian nor a Nutritionist I have generally stayed away from offering advice on exactly what to eat beyond the obvious recommendations of avoiding processed and fast foods - we all know what’s good for us or not, right? Even if we don’t always make the correct choices.

Recently though I’ve begun looking into the various options, mostly for my own benefit, and have decided to share some of the information I’ve found and point you in the direction of my studies so that you can make more informed choices for yourself.

Here’s the biggest revelation - Plants are good, Meats are bad. Ok, so before you switch off and run for a bacon butty to calm your nerves hear me out.

The vast majority of evidence, or at least the evidence from sources with no hidden agendas, will tell you that diseases such as Diabetes, Cancer, Heart attacks and Strokes can all be attributed to a diet that includes meat. The evidence is that a Plant Based diet not only reduces the risk of these diseases but can actually reverse damage already done by eating meat regularly.

Understand me here, I’m not Vegan and I’m not about to start advocating for animal rights. The truth is that if there was strong evidence to suggest that eating meat was good for me then I would eat meat, no question. But that is not what the evidence points to, and so for my own health interests I have moved to a plant based diet.

I have suffered with Gastro-Oesophogeal Reflux Disease (Acid Reflux) for years, when I switched to a plant based diet this problem disappeared, virtually overnight.

Within 3 weeks of following a plant based diet I had lost a stone in weight, and although my weight loss has slowed, I am continuing to lose weight and all without exercise. I actually stopped exercising completely for the first month of following a plant based diet.

Now, I had trusted friends who had made this same decision a few years ago and they had told me about the studies and pointed me in the right direction and yet I ignored the advice because I thought that giving up meat (and dairy) would be hard. I used to eat meat at every evening meal, regularly for lunch and if not meat at lunch invariably I would eat cheese. I stopped all that. I thought it would be hard. It truly wasn’t. I have been shocked at just how easy it has been.

There have been a few occasions, where due to family gatherings or some special occasion I have chosen to eat the same as everyone else and I have eaten meat. Funny thing is, I didn’t particularly enjoy it. My taste buds and my mindset have changed so that not only do I not crave meat, I actually don’t enjoy it that much if I do have it.

Another point about me not being Vegan - if, for whatever reason, I decide to have a meal containing meat or dairy, I do so guilt free. This is not about me joining a crusade, this is about me leading the best and healthiest life possible for me, no-one else.

One of the best places to start is with this book: Plant Based Nutrition.

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Plant-Based Nutrition, 2E (Idiot's Guides)
By Julieanna Hever MS RD CPT, Raymond J. Cronise