Chris Davis.  Founder & Owner Mindful Weight Loss

Chris Davis.  Founder & Owner Mindful Weight Loss





Hi and welcome to Mindful Weight Loss  I am Chris Davis.  Here, I have combined my love of helping people with my knowledge of Mindfulness, Yoga and Psycho-therapeutic techniques (e.g. Hypnosis) to bring you what I believe to be the Best approach for achieving your desired size, shape and weight.  I know you will find it interesting and look forward to working with you.

Best Wishes,  Chris

Why Most Weight Loss Approaches Fail

Most approaches available to you, if you want to lose weight, focus on one thing - what and how much you eat.  Now whilst what and how much you eat is clearly important, it is only one aspect of successfully achieving and maintaining your desired size, shape and weight.  There are of course many programmes out there that provide you with exercise advice, and there are many ways to add exercise to your diet regimen to enable you to accelerate your path to successfully achieving your desired size, shape and weight.  Even then, there is a significant element missing from the equation and it is this missing element that ultimately results in the failure of many popular weight loss approaches.  This element is your Mindset.  Working with diet and exercise is working with the symptom, by tackling your Mindset you get to the root cause.

>90% of people I have helped to achieve their desired size, shape and weight had some underlying emotional reason for being overweight in the first place.  Without addressing these reasons, achieving their goals would have been much harder and any success would have been short lived.

For you to achieve and maintain your desired size, shape and weight you must use an approach that:

  • Investigates and corrects what and how much you eat.
  • Incorporates a suitable exercise regimen.
  • Investigates WHY you eat and addresses any underlying emotional attachment to over-eating or poor food choices.

The Mindful Weight Loss Expert Approach



Mindful Eating














Mindful Eating is a practice that encourages you to become more aware of your relationship with food.  We can all recall a time, when sat in front of the TV or cinema screen, we have ploughed through a pack of biscuits, bag of sweets or bowl of popcorn without a seconds thought.  Mindful Eating is pretty much the direct opposite to that way of eating.  It is not about fad diets, or denying yourself your favourite types of food, rather it is about being aware why you are eating - are you eating because you're hungry or are you just enjoying a treat?  It is being aware of each mouthful - savouring every bite, paying attention to the textures and the flavours.  By adopting a Mindful approach to food you will find you eat less and enjoy your food more and for this reason a Mindful approach to eating has on its own been shown to be an effective method for many people wanting to lose weight.

There are many, many forms of exercise available to the person looking to improve their health and fitness but few if any provide the Mind-Body connection that Yoga is famed for and it is the development of this Mind-Body connection that makes Yoga effective as an aid to achieving your desired size, shape and weight.  As you develop this Mind-Body connection your awareness of your body increases, you become more in tune with the feelings and sensations within your body and this increased awareness translates into increased control over your body, over your habits and over your appetite.  All of this and exercise for calorie burning at the same time!  The beauty of Yoga is that your practice can develop along with you - gentle to begin with as you learn the postures and learn to trust your body, leading to more vigorous postures and sequences as you really connect with yourself.  Yoga on its own has been shown to be an effective method for taking control of your weight and it enhances the Mindful approach to eating which is why at you will learn both approaches together.

As mentioned earlier, failing to tackle the psychological reasons behind weight gain is a recipe for failure and whilst Mindful Eating and Yoga together will work for many, I want to make sure you not only achieve your desired size, shape and weight, I want you to maintain it.  For that reason here at, I offer a number of psychological approaches to tackle the subconscious reasons behind your eating patterns - Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to name a few of the approaches available to you.  Studies have shown that applying Hypnosis for weight Loss leads to greater weight loss and more sustained weight loss, and the great news is there is no diet and no calorie counting.  Combine Mindful Eating, with Yoga and Hypnosis (and other psycho-therapeutic techniques) and you have a surefire recipe for success in achieving your desired size, shape and weight.

Achieve Your Desired Size, Shape and Weight by Uniting Your Mind, Body & Spirit

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